List of Must-Read Books for Young Adults

Young adult (YA) books are those aimed at readers who are 14 years and up. These books are more mature than “teen” books, but are not as ripe as those stories for the much older audience. Books for young adults tackle relationships, challenging problems, and may sometimes have a little bit of sex and even […]

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Posture, Positions, and More for Comfortable Bed Reading

If you had a long day, but you can’t sleep, reading before you go to dreamland is one of the most underrated pleasures we have in life. It’s a favorite pastime that allows us to use our imagination and even learn new things. But reading isn’t always comfortable, especially after 10 minutes. If you’re thinking […]

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The Amazing Benefits of Reading on the Bed

Do you read on your bed? According to a Pew Research Center survey in 2014, ¼ of American adults haven’t opened one book in 2013. This is such a shame because science has proven time and again how beneficial reading is at all stages of life. “Reading” here though pertains to opening a traditional book, […]

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Christmas and Holiday Books to Read to Your Kids

Holidays are the best time to spend memorable moments with your family. Whether it is Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Year’s Day, or Hanukkah, there are excellent books to read that suit all ages. The list below comprises of books the whole family can read together during the festive season: The Nutcracker (Susan Jeffers): If you’re thinking […]

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List of Great Books You Can Read in One Sitting

There are good books and there are books you just can’t seem to put down. These have really interesting stories and are perfect for those who want to get to the end of the book for their own satisfaction. Reading books can be time-consuming and not all of us have the luxury of time. But […]

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