Posture, Positions, and More for Comfortable Bed Reading

If you had a long day, but you can’t sleep, reading before you go to dreamland is one of the most underrated pleasures we have in life. It’s a favorite pastime that allows us to use our imagination and even learn new things. But reading isn’t always comfortable, especially after 10 minutes. If you’re thinking […]

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The Amazing Benefits of Reading on the Bed

Do you read on your bed? According to a Pew Research Center survey in 2014, ¼ of American adults haven’t opened one book in 2013. This is such a shame because science has proven time and again how beneficial reading is at all stages of life. “Reading” here though pertains to opening a traditional book, […]

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Why Most People Prefer Reading Books in Bed

Aside from sleeping, there is one more pastime that is a favorite thing to do in the bedroom: reading. Whether you’re on a strict bed rest or you simply can’t sleep at night, catching up with a book that’s probably been sitting on the table for ages is such an underrated pleasure in life. In […]

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