Event Ideas

Libraries aren’t just for reading books. With the unstoppable popularity of electronic devices, it seems like books and libraries are slowly becoming a thing in the past. But not if you can create fun activities and generate interest for the public. The following events can bring a library to life:

Book-Related Events

  • Author Event: If there’s an author who would visit the area, this can be a perfect opportunity for the library to host the event. This can include activities, such as a writing workshop, a Q&A with the author, and the like. Local authors may be willing to participate for free or with transportation cost. Some may participate through Skype sessions for free or for a minimal fee.
  • Favorite Author Day: This can work with children and teens who can create a fan mail in the library. After they show their creativity, you can upload the artwork on the website or send them to the author. Alternatively, the activity may involve talking about one’s favorite author and share details about him/her, such as favorite books and why they’re a favorite.
  • Battle of the Books: Participants will be assigned to a team where they will read books and remember the details of the story. The librarians will ask questions that become harder as the competition progresses.

Community Service Programs

  • Film Festival: Gather people who love watching movies and ask them to bring food donations.
  • Group Project: If there’s a group that requires assistance in the area and that activity can be performed at the library, you can invite other people to help the group. This is a great way for people, especially the children to learn about community involvement.
  • Storytelling: Invite youngsters and senior citizens and partner them up together. Let them share childhood stories. You can encourage them to write the interesting details down, creating short stories to commemorate them.

Creativity Showcase Programs

  • Design Your Own Campaign Poster: This is great for kids and teenagers. Ask them to pretend they are running either for mayor or president and have them create their own poster. They can include their own photos or they can draw a cartoon that represents themselves. They can add statements as well.
  • DIY: In the library, you can place a station where everyone can add their stuff, which can be anything from customized jewelry to picture frames to origami.

With these events, many people – young or old – will become more involved with the activities and even visit the library more often.