List of Great Books You Can Read in One Sitting

There are good books and there are books you just can’t seem to put down. These have really interesting stories and are perfect for those who want to get to the end of the book for their own satisfaction. Reading books can be time-consuming and not all of us have the luxury of time. But books you can read in one sitting can be finished in a single day. The moment you finish them, you won’t feel disappointed at all.

If you’re looking for a list of quick reads that are worth your time, here are some books that you will definitely enjoy:

  1. Sleepless Nights (Elizabeth Hardwick): This fictional novel is about a woman who looks back at her life and makes a scrapbook containing memories, dreams, letters, wishes, and pictures. It’s a lyrical book with 128 pages and you will love every bit of it.
  1. The Lathe of Heaven (Ursula K. Le Guin): If you’re into science fiction and weird stories, this is what you’re looking for. It tells a story of a man who has the ability to change what’s going on in real life using his dreams.
  1. The Third Policeman (Flann O’Brien): This novel is definitely brilliantly written and you will find it hard to put it down. It’s made of dark comedy and superb images – a story about a person who has committed murder and robbery.
  1. By Night in Chile (Robert Bolaño): Translated by Chris Andrews, this novel is a deathbed confession about Pinochet and Opus Dei.
  1. Child of God (Cormac McCarthy): If you like mystery, this chilling novel is indeed a great choice. It revolves around Lester Ballard, someone who has been wrongly accused of rape. This man is mentally ill and has become an outcast in the village where he lives. It is intriguing and is carefully written, almost as if you can feel the emotions of the main character.
  1. Housekeeping (Marilynne Robinson): This is a wonderful book that has received a lot of praises and has been considered as one of the best American novels of the last 50 years.
  1. The Loser (Thomas Bernhard): It is a genius monologue about friendship, death, and music. The story is about Glenn Gould, a musical virtuoso and his relationship with two other students who want to stop their ambitions because of Gould’s incomparable abilities.

Whether you’re a busy person or you find reading very intimidating, you will find the books above very easy to finish in just one sitting.