Why Most People Prefer Reading Books in Bed

Aside from sleeping, there is one more pastime that is a favorite thing to do in the bedroom: reading. Whether you’re on a strict bed rest or you simply can’t sleep at night, catching up with a book that’s probably been sitting on the table for ages is such an underrated pleasure in life. In […]

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Books to Help You Get through Sleepless Nights

We all have our favorite book genres, but everyone will agree that the best type of book is something that you just can’t put down. If you have insomnia or other sleep disorder, there is nothing better to spend your sleepless nights than to read a good book. Even if you’re not an avid reader, […]

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5 Books to Read to Your Children in Bed

Bedtime stories have been known to strengthen bonds between parents and children. Plus, it is a great way for parents to prepare their youngsters for sleep. It is beneficial for the kids, so parents should turn it into a daily routine as much as possible. Reading to your children can help enhance their imagination, with […]

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E-Readers vs Books: What’s the Best Way to Read?

If you’re thinking about giving an avid reader a gift, you have two choices here: the ever so popular e-reader or the traditional book. Both have their pros and cons, but your choice will depend on a variety of factors. The truth is that most of us already know about the advantages of reading an […]

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Tips on How to Read Comfortably in Bed

Reading in bed is a great pleasure in life. But sometimes, pleasure doesn’t always equate to comfort. At first, you won’t find yourself complaining for the first 10 to 20 minutes of reading. After that though, problems will start to crop up. From your limbs to gong to sleep to your neck cramping, reading in […]

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