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Memory Kits

Memory Kits are interactive boxes built around a theme (pets, baseball, cooking, and more).

They contain books, music, movies, and collections of small objects that patrons can touch and hold.

According to the Alzheimer’s Association there are currently over 6 million people in the US living with Alzheimer’s and more than 11 million people provide unpaid care for them.

The memory loss and confusion that accompany Alzheimer’s and dementia create pain, stress, and worry on the part of those suffering these symptoms and those who love them. 

Finding ways to help someone special remember treasured moments from their past can bring them great joy and happiness.

In an effort to help our patrons dealing with memory loss and those who care for them, Salem Public Library is now offering a collection of Memory Kits for checkout.

If you or someone you care about could benefit from this free service, we encourage you to contact the library at 330-332-0042 to learn more.

Salem Public Library hopes Memory Kits will bring joy and excitement to our patrons.

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